Land up to K180 000 with Betway and Aviator!

Get your tickets ready for lift-off with the best casino game in the skies, Aviator. Betway is excited to bring you one of the most popular crash games on the market. This casino game is easy to play and will keep you on the edge of your seat but make sure you secure your seatbelt as you never know when it could get turbulent and start to rain! 

Let’s take a closer look at the flight plan

Firstly, log in to the Betway Casino and open Aviator. Once there, wage your amount and prepare for take-off. Watch the multiplier grow as the plane ascends but don’t get too cozy on your flight as it can fly off the screen at any point. 

Cashing out before the plane flies off makes you a winner. In the event that the plane flies off before you cash-out, you will unfortunately lose your wager.

Yes, it really is that plain and simple. What makes this game popular is that you are in control and you decide when to cash out just, make sure you do it before your plane flys off the screen. 

Play Aviator at Betway
Now that you know how to play Aviator, let’s iron out some important flight information.

Aviator game features

Stake: this is how much you place on your bet; this amount will grow according to the multiplier.

Double Stake: with Aviator you can stake 2 amounts on one round. In order to win you have to cash-out twice.

Multiplier: this is the number that your wagered amount will be multiplied by in the event of a win.

Cash-out: hitting the cash-out option before the plane flies off screen, wins you the wager multiplied by the multiplier.

Play Aviator at Betway now!

Sign up at Betway and land up to K180 000 when you play Aviator and watch out for turbulenece you never know when it might RAIN
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Published: 03/14/2023